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Blockchain X Healthcare

BcX Health (Block Chain X Healthcare) BXH is a Decentralized Blockchain platform improving patient care, healthcare security, data transparency and Interoperability across the Industry.

The Aim of BcX Health is to bring Singularity in Healthcare by amalgamation of technologies based on IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics on top of Blockchain Infrastructure to both improve the quality of data accessible to different stakeholders in the Industry.


Increases patients‘ control over their personal health data and Direct payment of incentive and health tokens toward positive and healthy behavior (HSN/Health Wallets)

Physicians / Care Providers

Phycians across the Global and seamlessly access the Patient data across with World to help improve the Patient Health and Contribute to Clinical Research in Rare Diseases.


Though Hospitals still own the Patient Data there is hardly any control over it. Also Blockchain Technology can reduce the medical errors by a Proper Ledger system.

BioPharmaceutical/ Medical Device

BioPharma is the earliest adapter of Blockchain Technology and we are already seeing a few major Pharma taking a few strides in Supply Chain Management and Counterfeiting.

Government and Insurance

Both Government and Private Insurers can reduce the burden on Healthcare using the a Longitudinal access to patient data and also taking the advantage of Predictive analytics.

  • Promote concepts such as Quantified-self and DIY Health
  • Price transparency for drug and healthcare services
  • Share data for research commons under remunerative models
  • Promote concepts such as Quantified-self and DIY Health
  • Longitudinal View of Health history
  • Help physicians during emergency medical situations
  • Collaboration with research facilities
  • Patient data from one provider to another on Blockchain
  • Eliminate the burden and cost of data reconciliation
  • Facilitate care coordination for population health management
  • Improve revenue management and reduce payment frauds
  • Pay for Health outcomes with smart contracts
  • Increase drug supply chain provenance & counterfeiting
  • Managing IP and R&D asset transactions on blockchain
  • Improve market access efficiency
  • Clinical trial data integrity & security
  • Increase collaborations across Countries
  • Pooled real-time population risk
  • Improve inefficiencies in billing and insurance
  • Smart contract based patient insurance and premiums

Medical Tourism

With a complete control of Patient data, Physicians can access the complete History of the Patients globally with Secured Private Access Key from Patient

Master Data Index

Creating a Longitudinal view of Patient data along with the combination of various other databases.

Patient Doctor Interaction

Improving the Communication between Patients and Doctors seamlessly supporting self-medication & DIY

Research Support

Proving data access to Researchers across the world for Improved Patient care. For Clinical trial Integrity and Population Health

Healthcare Costs

Eliminate the Burden of Cost and Data reconciliation, improving revenue management


Reducing the cost of premiums based on Advanced Analytics. Reduce billing frauds and errors

Patients with Private Key Access
Patient Healthcare & Wallet Information
Decentralized Applications for Multiple Stakeholders
Smart Contracts
Ethereum Node
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Decentralized Technology with IPFS & BigChain DB along with BXH Coin Storage
Pharmacy with Access to DApps & Patient Data
Researchers with access to Clinical & other Patient Data
Pharmaceutical Companies
Insurance Companies
Physicians/Hospitals/Clinics connected to IoT Devices and Patient Data
IoT Enabled Devices on Blockchain using IOTA






No. 5, 17/F Bonham Trade Centre,50 Bonham Strand,

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong SAR China.

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